Ernst E. Boesch Preis

Call for nominations for the 2019 Ernst E. Boesch Prize  

For the third time now, the Ernst E. Boesch Prize Board of the Gesellschaft für Kulturpsychologie e.V. is inviting nominations for the Ernst E. Boesch Prize for outstanding scholarly work in the academic field of cultural psychology.

The Ernst E. Boesch Prize is awarded to scholars who have had a major impact on cultural psychological research (not on classical intercultural or cross-cultural psychological research). Nominations are now welcome. The closing date is January 10, 2019.

The third award ceremony will take place during the biannual meeting of the Gesellschaft für Kulturpsychologie in Würzburg in 2019.

The last two prizes were awarded to Prof. Lutz Eckensberger and Dr. Sarah Demmrich in 2017.

The award commemorates the pioneer of cultural psychology Prof. Ernst Eduard Boesch, who passed away at the age of 97 in 2014. Since 2015, the prize has been awarded biannually by the Gesellschaft für Kulturpsychologie. The first prize winner in 2015 wasProf. Jürgen Straub.

The prize is awarded in two categories:

a)) An amount of EUR 3,000 to established researchers who have made essential and enduring contributions to cultural psychology (e.g., development of a research program, accomplishments in teaching, or institutionalization of cultural psychology)


b) An amount of EUR 1,000 to young scientists for distinguished work (e.g., master’s thesis, PhD thesis or comparable book publications).

How to nominate someone?Scholars holding positions at universities and other research institutions, including academies, are entitled to nominate candidates for the Ernst E. Boesch Prize. Self-nomination is not allowed.

The one-page letter of nomination should be written in English or German by an expert academic in the field, stating the reason for the nomination. Nominations should also include a Curriculum Vitae and a list of publications by the nominee.

The winner will give a lecture to the members of the Gesellschaft für Kulturpsychologie at the biannual meeting in Zwickau 2019. A monograph of the expanded lecture is planned and this will be published by Psychosozial-Verlag. The book publication will be arranged and financed by the Gesellschaft für Kulturpsychologie.

The judges’ decision is final.

Please send nominations to:

Irene Scamoni

Ruhr-Universität Bochum

Fakultät für Sozialwissenschaft

Universitätsstr. 150

GD Ebene 1, Raum 261

44780 Bochum

Tel.: +49 (0)234 32 – 28167.



If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the president of the Gesellschaft für Kulturpsychologie, Dr. Lars Allolio-Näcke:

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